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James McAlpine

My aim is to depict less of recording a landscape as seen, but to infuse the atmosphere observed or felt in a particular scene. I find the English artist TURNER’S work to be excellent examples of the use of abstract shapes and colours to depict atmosphere. In the two paintings presented I have attempted to convey the atmosphere of the moment.  

The painting “After the Storm” is based on the style of the style of Kåre Tveter, the late Norwegian artist. It has minimum colour yet an angry sky and landscape and a patient sea looking hopefully to the moon to return the calm. The paining “Tasmanian Autumn” depicts the phenomenon of the play of light on kunanyi/Mount Wellington and the surrounds as the sun rises in the Autumn. What is interesting is that on it's journey from the top of the mountain, the sun picks out various landmarks until it eventually lights up the city. 

mcalpine james 2.jpg
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