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James McAlpine

I attained a BFA in 2018 majoring in Painting and Print Making.

I completed an Honours year in 2021. My Honours project was an investigation of the colonial industries on the South Hobart section of the rivulet, and superimposed indications of what is on those same sites today.

I have been greatly influenced by J.M.W.Turner’s use of colour, brush strokes and composition to depict the atmospherics of a scene. I also have been inspired by Clarice Beckett’s use of painting soft edges on hard surfaces such as building and the paucity of detail leaving the resolution of her paintings to the observer.

Two of the paintings I am exhibiting are very different in style. The first “The Midlands at sunrise” uses the misty autumn morning to set the atmosphere of the painting.

 The second painting is after the style of David Hocking, “Tasmanian Midlands”. It is more an exercise in patterns and colours not usually associated with bucolic scenes. This picture also allowed me to put aside realism for shapes and colours.

mcalpine james 2_pipeline track.jpg
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