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Therese Mulford

Silver and gold leaf (schlagmetal) feature in my collages and my framing mats this year, in keeping with Images’ silver anniversary. The Derwent River collages evoke winter sunset/sunrises: a sense of calm, detachment, dissolution. Short poems accompany some of these works. The use of the leaf recalls my past life as a painting conservator. I have such great respect for Japanese gardens: their seemingly accidental order encourage contemplation. The Silver Pavillion and Ryoanji are painted over printed magazine pages. The underlying print, that accidental aspect, ensures complete control is not possible whereby some ‘ahha’ moments occur. I enjoy mixing media to see where it might take me.

My early art studies were in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada, then later in Canberra and Hobart.

mulford therese 1 dissolving into the intangible - copy.jpg
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