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This is the 26th annual exhibition featuring artists associated with the UTAS School of Creative Arts in its various incarnations. Along with current graduates, it represents seven decades of Tasmanian art education.

This diverse show, including wide-ranging approaches to painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics, glass, jewellery and furniture, displays something of the breadth and depth of Tasmania’s current visual arts scene.
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'Images of Tasmania’ is a thriving, co-operative venture with its roots in Tasmanian tertiary art training. It is the initiative of artists/art educators who trained together in the late 50s, pursuing careers in Art Education at many levels and importantly, in art practice. A major aim is to promote visual literacy in the wider viewing community and to rely solely on social capital where artists’ expertise covers all procedural requirements. The exhibition is entirely self-funded – without recourse to external sponsorship or advertising.

‘Images’ flourishes today because it is annually refreshed and infused with ‘new blood’ drawn mainly from the gene pool of Art School graduates.

The expertise, experience and participation of preceding generations of Tasmanian School of Art graduates and associates provide continuity and stability for the enterprise. 

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‘Images’ presents a snapshot of current Tasmanian art practice encouraging gallery patrons to appreciate works in a variety of two and three–dimensional media encompassing literal, symbolic, decorative and conceptual approaches. In its broadest sense this mirrors the definition of ’Images’. The disciplines of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, digital printing, sculpture, collage, furniture design, ceramics, glass, textiles and jewellery are represented. Exhibitors are invited to show new work on the basis of the demonstrated quality of their work, professional training, commitment to practice and contribution to the diversity of the exhibition. Artists participate in the communal process of hanging and administering the exhibition.
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