Christine Owen

I make art to get outside of my own head – to connect with and respond to the surrounding world in all its senses. My practice involves process-based ways of working including photography, printmaking, scanning and drawing. For Images 23– Heart-cradle-shroud –offer memories of a domestic garden.

2020 has been a year of marking time, of remaining close to home, taking stock, slowing down. Seeing family and place with renewed gratitude. These skeletonised leaves, celebrate noticing what is beneath our feet, sometimes overlooked, taken for granted. They reveal life-giving light, growth, decay and renewal through cycles of time. These are cycles we also share in our own domestic abodes. Like trajectories and memories, the lines and threads within the leaves interconnected – run in and out of focus – each part a microcosm of a larger whole.

Mob: 0448991820

Owen Christine 2.jpg