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Alison Dower

My work is inspired by other peoples’ stories, elements of philosophy, literature, and the arts. 

I weave these appropriated snippets with my own personal experiences to create artworks that are visual ‘mindscapes’, resulting in open-ended narratives. Stories are bounded by my home, memories, and current issues of life. 

I respond intuitively, manipulating individual connections to place, time, and intergenerational history where a crossing over and weaving of space and time unfurl. I use surrealist techniques to produce distorted perspectives, incongruous and paradoxical imagery that alludes to a metaphysical diary where parallel existences are feasible. 


Instagram: Alison Dower 

0449 501 097 

dower alison 'hee haw 2' mixed media and acrylic on bfk rives paper.jpg
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