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Patricia Giles  (1932 - 2021)

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PATRICIA GILES 1932 - 2021


While we mourn the loss of a much respected friend and colleague, we truly celebrate the life of someone deeply committed to the Tasmanian landscape and to the Visual Arts. Trish was one of our best known water-colourists who, along with fellow painters like Max Angus, created what is know as the Tasmanian water-colour tradition. She eschewed the mere documentation of picturesque scenes - technical skill was never enough and she dismissed painting from photographs since the monocular camera perverts the visual experience. She valued the feeling one could express in an image directed by an understanding of the expressive potential of shape, line, texture, colour and tonal relationships and in her long, concentrated practice this understanding looked like pure intuition. Make no mistake though, she knew that one developed by  serious experimentation and practice. She always spoke of keeping up her painting till her last breath and pretty much did that until too ill to do so. Hers has been a lifelong passion and commitment to art in a life very well lived. 


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