Christiane Smethurst

To me, painting is a new way of seeing, a time of immersion in paint and in colour, a time of intense focus. When I am painting, I am completely absorbed in the process of making.

My work celebrates nature’s beauty and bounty through paintings of larger-than-life luscious and fecund fruit sourced from my garden. Gardening grounds me. It links me to my childhood of self-sufficiency and abundance and reminds me of my mother whose life revolved around providing food for a large family from her garden.

Haunting this project is my concern for the fragility of an ecosystem that is facing the devastating effects of climate change. This I express by suspending the German word for fragile (ver-letz-bar) in front of the paintings in Sütterlin, an archaic script that my mother used to use. 

We need to acknowledge the vital importance of the vegetal world and be in communication with it. Plants ultimately sustain us, without them we won’t survive.