19 Dec 2019
       8 Jan 2020     
Open Daily
10am - 6pm


Please note we are closed on Christmas Day, and close at 3pm on the final day.

Participating Artists

Daneille Mclean

Andy Moneghittie

Therese Mulford

Terence Munday

Lucy Murfet

Anita Nay

Dawn Oakford

Christine Owen

Jan Peacock

Leigh Roberts

Colin Schildhauer

Pamela Shepherd

Christiane Smethurst

Veronica Steane

Deborah St Leger

Fyona Storer

Julie Todd

Brian Young

Jenny Young

Jaqui Ward

Phoebe Webb

Ruth Armitage

Christl Berg

Helen Brigland

Penny Carey Wells

Diane Casimaty

Tim Coad

Heather Creet

Christine Crisp

Nikki D'Emden

Alison Dower

Lynne Fellowes

Patricia Giles

Antoinette Hanschke

Lynn Hasenkam

Laura Hills

Jan Jefferys 

Helen Jessup

Bronwen Jones

Russell Joyce

Susie McMahon

Mathu Martin