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      21 Dec 2022
        16 Jan 2023    
Open Daily
10am - 6pm


Please note we are closed on Christmas Day, and close at 3pm on the final day.

Participating Artists

Russell Joyce

Susan Lacey

James McAlpine

Susie McMahon

Frances Malcomson

Therese Mulford

Lucy Murfet

Anita Nay

Christine Owen

Dawn Oakford

Jan Peacock

Leigh Roberts

Deborah St Leger

Pamela Shepherd

Fyona Storer

Julie Todd

David Walker

Jeni Wallwork

Jacqui Ward

Phoebe Webb

Brian Young

Jenny Young

Ruth Armitage

Kim Bailey

Christl Berg

Natasha Bradley

Lucinda Bresnehan

Helen Bridgland

Anna Brooks

Penny Carey Wells

Diane Casimaty

Sandra Champion

Christine Crisp

Tim Davies

Nikki D'Emden

Keryn Fountain

Holly Greaves

Louisa Harding

Lynn Hasenkam

Jon Hemming

Prue Hutton

Robert Ikin

Jan Jefferys

Helen Jessup

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